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Alexandrine Librarian
"Many centuries before our time, in the learned circles of a wonderful city, men were greatly interested in the stars, in the elements, in the cosmic process, in time and space, in the relations of the spiritual to the material, in the possibilities of the ages yet to be and in the perennial riddle of the future of the human soul."
Alexandrine Teaching
"Alexandrine Cosmology in the 1st to 5th Centuries"

Ancient Libraries of the Mediterranean
Where They Were and What Happened to Them
The Desert Fathers
"In the fourth century a.d. the deserts of Egypt, Palestine, Arabia and Persia were peopled by a race of men.... They sought a way to God that was uncharted and freely chosen, not inherited from others who had mapped it out beforehand. They sought a God whom they alone could find, not one who was 'given' in a set stereotyped form by somebody else."
Hypatia of Alexandria
"Imagine a time when the world's greatest living mathematician was a woman, indeed, a physically beautiful woman, and a woman who was simultaneously the world's leading astronomer. Imagine that she conducted her life and her professional work in a city as turbulent and troubled as Ayodhya or Amritsar, Baghdad or Beirut is today. Imagine such a female mathematician achieving fame not only in her specialist field, but also as a philosopher and a religious thinker who attracted a large popular following.
Imagine her as a virgin martyr killed not for her Christianity, but by Christians because she was not one of them. And imagine that the guilt of her death was widely whispered to lie at the door of one of Christianity's most honored and significant saints."